Studio Artists


Kelly Boreson-Charland
Jessica Plattner
Tenille Reichelmann
Bret Stuart
Wendy Struck

Thank you to the AFA for their support.

Past resident artists:

Amanda Coyne
Jennifer Wilson
Stephanie Muhr
Elizabeth Burritt
Alannah Dymond
Karen Kelly
Ingrid Klasen
Brandie Michelle Peters
Susan Knight
Stephanie Dalla-Longa
JP Buijs
Amy Trevena
Lenore Giesbrecht
Walter Davidson
Michael Boyer
Tobie Laliberte
Jeff Sauvey
Jonathan Andrews
Kim Wilson
Meghan Munro
Kristian Jungk
Alana Holst
Mitchel Martin
Chelsea Scott
Kelsie Risling
Bronwyn Schuster
Hayden Werezak
Susan Waters
Paula McLaughlin
Kevin Werre
Connor Kenney
Claire Keller
Danielle Kat
Rhandi Sandford
Zoe Sather

Past Retail artists:

Of Course You Can!
Nana Brown’s

My Mom & Me Designs
Attic Raiders
The Wacky Windmill
Creative Expressions
Dog Walkies
Colin Quincey
Halifirien Wood
The Wicked Potter
Chester & Toby
Sara Roset

T’s Treasures
Fotogirl Creations
Hooked on Hats

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