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Studio Available at The Hive Artists’ Hub!

STUDIOS AT THE HIVE HAVE ADVANTAGES. We have conveniences like a gallery for exhibitions, two large washing sinks, kitchen, opportunities to teach in our classroom, a shared laptop computer, and a camera to use for documenting your work, just to name a few!

The Hive Artists’ Hub continues to provide safe affordable studio space to artists, designers, musicians, and other creatives. Get out of your basement and off your dining room table to join us. Our studios are great for single artists or for sharing with a friend. Our space provides excellent opportunity in a creative environment with fellow artists who provide support and encouragement.

Studio L currently available:
STUDIO L measuring 88.5 square feet @ $1.50/square foot is $133/month plus $25/month contingency which is used for utilities and studio supplies. It is at the back near the washing sinks with nice light from one window and the glass doors. It includes a table and chair which can be removed if desired. Contact the Hive to view the studio today.

Contact us at 403-504-531 or 

2 thoughts on “Studio Available

  1. JULIE RAISON says:

    Hi. Are any of the studios still available for rent? If so….I’m looking for a photography studio where I could photograph children and families. Would this fit in with what you guys are doing? What days are you open? If not do you know of anywhere else that may be suitable? Thanks for your time. Julie

  2. Hi there!

    My name is Teagan Campbell and I am a small business owner, crystal jewelery enthusiast and painter.
    I once had the pleasure of visiting The Hive once on a visit to see friends in The Hat, and now,
    I am currently getting ready to make a move to Medicine Hat!

    I just noticed this evening that there was a post made on your facebook page about an open studio space. If this space is still available Id love to get my hands on it!

    I have an online run jewelery business, but also sell within local business where I currently reside, in Victoria BC.
    I am a portrait artist by commission and surreal/abstract usually consumes my own personal paintings.

    My jewelery FB page:
    A summary of my artwork here:

    Thanks for your time and checking out my wares!

    Hope to hear back from you soon! 🙂 Best wishes.

    Teagan C.

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