Studios for rent

Studio A  (available immediately)
Is semi private (it has walls on all sides and a door. There is a window that looks into the space from the main corridor as well as one that looks into it from another studio. If you’ve been in our space it is the smaller of the two offices within the gallery portion of the space.

88 square feet

$126/month rent plus $25/person in the space contingency fee. The contingency fee covers things like supplies and insurance so it is based on occupancy rather than square footage.


Studio H (available June 1, 2013)
Is within the open studio area. It has walls on 3 sides and the fourth is partially open. (First on the right when facing into the studios from the gallery)

98 square feet

$142/month plus $25/person in the space contingency fee.


Each person is required to volunteer within the boutique space. We are still working out the schedule for that right now after we moved the boutique to the Esplanade earlier this month, but so far it has been an average of 8-12 hours a month per person. and most shifts are a couple of hours in the evenings before evens at the Esplanade.


We ask artists to sign a three month lease agreement to start. Contracts can either be renewed after that point or run month to month.


If you have any further questions or would like to set up a time to view the space please let us know.


Jonathan Andrews (Membership Rep)

Stephanie Dalla-Longa (secretary)


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