The Future is Bright for The Hive!

Exciting things are happening at The Hive!

A group of past and present hive artists are poised to launch the new era of The Hive Artists’ Hub. Over the past month we have weighed our options for the future and have begun the process of formalizing as a Society. We plan to have this transition completed for January so we don’t see any lag time in operation.

Our current programming as an incubator site for artists to develop their micro businesses will change into more of a traditional studio rental space with attached boutique gallery. We will still help foster the business development aspect but it will be less formalized and done more on the initiative of the artists themselves. It has been a really great experience to this point and we are all looking forward to what the future holds for the Hive!

We will have 11 studios for rent ranging in size from roughly 60 square feet to nearly 240 square feet, with the average space being around 100 square feet, the majority of which will be open to a common area and open to public visitation during regular business hours. This is one of the features that makes The Hive a unique experience. The open studios not only allow the public access to the artists at work, but allow a great level of collaborative thought amongst the artists and foster a real sense of community. We will also be offering a few private, locked studios as well.

We are still working out the details on how much the studio rents, and what the application process for them will be, but we aim to make the Hive a safe and affordable place for all artists to create, display and promote their work.

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